Mexico City Airport Departures

Departures from Mexico City Airport (MEX) Today

Before packing your bags, you should take into account some tips to make your plane trip unforgettable.

Of course, the best thing to do is to find out about your destination and take into account the necessary preventive measures to protect your personal health and that of others.

Recommendations for air travel

Travel like an expert while maintaining safety and comfort. Take into account the following common practices to take care of yourself and enjoy every moment of your trip.


Arrive on time

Practically, it is advised that if you are taking a domestic flight, you should arrive at the airport two hours in advance. If you are on an international flight, try to be at the airport 3 to 4 hours before, since you will have to go through the security filters, baggage documentation area, and also walk to get to the lounge.

Prepare a questionnaire for air travel

There are many free questionnaires on the internet, which allow you to get a safe trip, this helps you to identify risk factors in travelers. The questionnaires must be filled out before taking off.

Hygiene measures

Keeping the line of healthiness, take into account the basic measures to avoid contagion and reduce risks. Take into account the distance, keep your hands clean, use antibacterial gel, and use a mask that completely covers the chin, mouth and nose.

Be up to date with the requirements of the duty station.

As we can see, each country has different requirements, and may even request a negative COVID-19 test or a complete vaccination schedule to allow entry.

Wear appropriate and comfortable travel clothing

Traveling involves a tiring agitation such as walking through the airport, waiting in long lines, carrying suitcases, sitting for several hours, not to mention the activities you have in mind at your destination. Therefore, wearing comfortable clothes, tennis shoes and even carrying a pillow will be very useful during the trip.

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