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Sleeping capsules have become very common in Asian countries, but in Mexico it is a completely different concept and even ignored. Although they have proven to be an effective way to rest, especially if you want to rent one for a few hours, which is ideal for people who are traveling. It is the first lodging of this type has opened in Mexico.

Izzzleep is the hotel located in Terminal 1 of Mexico’s Benito Juarez International Airport, consisting of 40 capsules that can be rented for a minimum of two hours or a full night, with special services. Prices vary according to requirements.

Izzzleep Rates

The prices of this hotel are subject to VAT, so you must add 16% and 3% as local tax, to the stipulated price and it is ideal to book in advance.

When requesting the service, either by the hour or night, has access to bathroom, shower and luggage storage. Also, inside the capsules there is a television, wifi, charging port for devices, fire extinguisher, mirror, safe, and a comfortable bed to rest. Please note that the capsules are for personal use only.

The capsules have an emergency button that the user can use in case of needing medical, personal or any other kind of assistance.

José Martín Alonso, partner of Izzzleep, explains that this is a very practical hotel project for travelers, so it is considered that they are investing for the construction of a new hotel like this one.

The next such hotel is expected to be in Terminal 2 of the airport, with a total of 60 capsules. Although, it is expected to bring this hotel service to other airports in the country. It is a very interesting project that would work perfectly throughout the country.

izZzleep capsules at the Benito Juarez International Airport


In Terminal #1, it is located on the Upper Level, by the foreign bus corridor to the international parking lot and in Terminal #2, it is located on the Ground Level.

Contact Number

Terminal 1: +52(55) 2599 1434, +52(55)2599 1450

Terminal 2: +52(55) 4313 0429, +52(55)4313 0437

Types of Service


Perfect for travelers with a long layover or those who have a morning departure ticket and want a more economical option than other adjacent hotels offer.


Perfect for travelers with a stopover of a couple of hours, in order to rest without having to pay for an expensive VIP lounge, you can pay a minimum of two hours.

Important note: Children under 12 years of age are not accepted. And minors between 12 and 18 years old must go with an adult and stay in separate capsules.

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