Rent a Car Mexico City Airport

At Mexico’s Benito Juarez International Airport you can find car rental services, because we know how important it is to feel free on the road and avoid using public transportation, only this way you can make the most of your stay in this country.

From your arrival, different agencies such as Avis and Rentcars have a line of rental cars available that can be used for as long as you wish. You can choose from a supermini or a compact car that will make you look adventurous around the city, if you want something more elegant, the sedan is perfect, if your trip is for business or you are invited to a special event like a wedding, if you are traveling with your family, a minivan is ideal for those vacations in the country. Your perfect rental car is waiting for you.

Frequent travelers have a superior car category, as you can book it in advance through the Avis Preferred Trust and Loyalty program. Just enter the date and time, and your high-quality rental car will be ready to meet you at the airport.

Rent cars

It is the most important online car leasing platform in all of Latin America, and one of the international leaders in the industry. It has prices and different car leasing options.

The idea is to offer the best cars in the world. In order to guarantee a memorable customer service.

The companies best evaluated by the users of Mexico’s Benito Juarez Airport are: Avis, Rentcars and Hertz.

The most requested car model is the Kia Rio.

In the last two months the average cost per day of leasing was COP 128,600. But there are agencies that offer car rental deals, so you can opt for some of the 28 offices of 19 car leasing companies.


Automobile damage coverage

Car leasing insurance is called CDW and LDW, which is in charge of covering damages due to theft, collisions, or accidents that you may have during its use.

Considering third party protection has been identified by the acronyms: ALI, SLI, and other personal protection agencies. In general, it protects the automobile from third parties involved in collisions with your rental car.

Security deposit

In addition, the user must leave a security deposit to be able to pick up and use the car. This price is blocked by the same credit card used for the rental and is unblocked after returning the car in the same conditions as it was delivered.

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