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Taxi service and applications at the Benito Juarez Mexico Airport


Cab stands for transfers are located in Terminal 1, at gate #1 domestic zone and gate #9 and #10 in the international zone.

For Terminal 2, you will find them in the boarding area at gate #3 in the international zone and gate #4 in the domestic zone.

Please note that cab tickets are purchased in the baggage area, ambulatory area and near the boarding gates of authorized cabs in both terminals.

Authorized Taxi Companies

Terminal 1

  1. Pro Taxi
  2. Sitio 300
  3. Nueva Imagen
  4. Casadey
  5. Confort
  6. Yellow Cab en Terminal 1 y 2.

Type of services

There are two modes of service:

Ordinary, in sedan brand car with capacity for 4 passengers, apart from the operator.

Executive, offers services with vans with capacity for 8 passengers, apart from the operator.

Method of Payment

The price of the fare, which is fixed, is carried out by the sales modules of the authorized companies mentioned above. That is, it is never canceled to the driver. The established fares to the historic center are (MXN 250 and 300).


Uber and Cabify

These applications are available at a very economical cost (130 and 170 MXN). Which is served by the terminal 1, regularly the meeting place is by the door #4, and by the terminal 2 is located on the first floor, by the door #2. Although, the locations of selected by Uber or Cabify at the airport Benito Juarez Mexico is prone to change, so you must be sure of your upload location, always confirm in the application after requesting a cab service.

This application has a quality Network based on a public domain, from legal owners. A contact form is offered here, where you can enter the data that identifies your desired cab service and fits your budget.


As an international airport it has some external links, such as: Where you can check the applications and make claims, by means of a form, as long as the applicant shows that he/she belongs to that web page.

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