Mexico City Airport tickets

The cost of flights from Mexico City Airport will vary depending on the destination, travel dates, and airline. It is advisable to use a flight comparison website to find the cheapest flights available.

It is no secret that when planning a trip, the first thing that comes to mind is the ticket, some people, due to their tight economic condition, opt for economic flights, others use first class flights, in short, for both tastes, the important thing is to look for the best advice with trained agents. That is why Benito Juarez Airport has a trained staff in charge of this branch. Which will help you get the best fare to travel.

Before buying your ticket take into account

  1. Check your documents, they must be valid.
  2. Look for tickets in advance, it is the only way to get good deals.
  3. Take into account that flight dates during high season prices multiply.
  4. If your trip is a vacation, before selecting your destination, find out if there are destinations that are cheaper than others and that are just as amazing.
  5. Take into account the days and schedules, remember that on weekends traffic increases.
  6. Research the airlines, remember that some airlines travel with different stopovers.

The low cost airlines at Benito Juarez Airport are very lucrative for weekend travelers, if you want to pay less for your baggage take a carry-on bag, remember that you can pay a lot of money for carrying suitcases.

If you want to travel within Mexico or outside of it, at Benito Juarez Airport you can find different itinerary options and costs for the desired route. Most flights have two or more stopovers. You can create your own itinerary before purchasing your ticket, remember that some airlines require reservations.

Domestic flight routes

When purchasing your ticket it is important to look at the popular routes departing from Benito Juarez Airport.

National routes:

  1. Mexico to Cancun
  2. Mexico City to Puerto Escondido
  3. Mexico City to Tijuana
  4. Mexico City to Oaxaca
  5. Mexico City to Puerto Vallarta
  6. Mexico City to Mexicali
  7. Mexico City to Guadalajara
  8. Mexico City to Monterrey
  9. Mexico City to Merida
  10. Mexico City to Ciudad Juarez

International flight routes

When purchasing your ticket it is important to know the international routes departing from Benito Juarez Airport.

International routes:

  1. Mexico to New York
  2. Mexico City to Los Angeles
  3. Mexico City to San Francisco
  4. Mexico City to Chicago
  5. Mexico City to Miami
  6. Mexico City to Houston
  7. Mexico City to Toronto
  8. Mexico City to Bogota
  9. Mexico City to Denver
  10. Mexico City to Seattle

The terminals at Benito Juarez International Airport have hundreds of agencies where you can purchase your preferred airline ticket.

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