Restaurants in Mexico City Airport

Like most family or business adventures, it starts at the airport. There is an important point that you should take into account when using the Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico City, and that is its restaurant lounges. Although there are many in this article, we mention the main and most visited restaurants in this place.

Selected thanks to its different menu where Mexican, Japanese, Italian, Spanish and even the finest pastries are offered, places where you will find a little bit of everything!  To please the palate.

Restaurants inside the airport

Vuela Carmela

This restaurant attracts a lot of attention for its atmospheric spot surrounded by pastel colors with beautiful birds flying overhead, Vuela Carmela is one of the restaurants that has become a unique and favorite space for many passengers transiting through Terminal 2 of Benito Juarez International Airport. Its stay, creativity, femininity and passionate fantasy is the work of Gaby Ruiz, who is chef and owner of Carmela y Sal.

His characteristic culinary creations, in which he employs transformative techniques and reinterprets typical dishes, are ideal for while the flight departs. Try the octopus sope with chicharrón and smoked cheese from Tenosique bathed in pure honey and peppers, the chicken enchiladas suizas, the fideo seco or the popular tostadas de mentiras. It has a 24-hour service.

👉 Located in Room B, Terminal 2 at AICM.


Tasca Don Quino

Another excellent restaurant option where you will find delicious dishes and snacks inside the AICM is Tasca Don Quino, the popular airport cakes are prepared in this place for 25 years, where its Spanish cuisine is visited by hundreds of passengers to enjoy a delicious cake, snacks, tapas, and the most delicious wine, before taking their next flight.

Among its specialties we have ham cakes, loin, chistorra, salami and the rich Spanish omelet. Tasting dishes are cold meats or cheeses, peppers and olives. To accompany your appetizer, a rich white or red wine, soft drinks and what can never miss a beer.

👉 Located in Room B, Terminal 1 AICM.

Tsca don Quino in Airport


If you want to try Japanese food, and you want to taste it with a sushi spot in Iwashi you can pamper your palate before boarding, this is a perfect restaurant. Worked under the concept of the Edo Kobayashi Group that hosts a delicious sushi area, sake and the exquisite Japanese beer.

Do not hesitate to try the squid nigiri accompanied with caviar, salmon, or tuna trio.

👉  Located outside the security checkpoints of Terminal 2 of the airport.

Maison Kayser

This is a place to eat while waiting for your next flight at the Mexico City International Airport. A place where you can indulge in the recipes of French baker Eric Kayser, who prepares the most exquisite artisan bread and baked, desserts and dishes that offer a taste of Paris to your palate.

For breakfast you can enjoy cinnamon rolls or chocolatines and also croissants with jam, butter accompanied with ham and the most exquisite cheese.

👉  Located at Gate 6 and waiting room number 25, Terminal 1 of the AICM.

La Mansión

If you want to try the freshest meat, you can’t miss La Mansión located in Terminal 2 of the AICM. Here the recipes are exclusive special cuts of meat served in (churrasco, New York, ribs, rib eye, picaña, arrachera or vacío).

You can also order tacos, meat-based sauces and an exquisite wine.

👉  Located at Gate 4, on the first floor of Terminal 2 AICM.

Other TERMINAL 1 restaurants

  • Salon Beyond Banamex T1
  • Tasca Don Quino
  • Starbucks
  • Wings
  • Sushi Roll
  • Krispy Kreme
  • Restaurante Bar Acuario
  • Tacanon
  • Café Punta del Cielo
  • Lea’s Cafe Kosher
  • Subway
  • Boutique Garabatos Aeropuerto T1
  • El Fogoncito
  • The Terminal
  • Dino Snack Bar & Fast Food
  • Britt Shop
  • Dotcom Café
  • PoXo
  • Tortas Las Juanas
  • The Bistro


Other TERMINAL 2 restaurants

  • Salute Food & Bar
  • Wings
  • Starbucks
  • Toks
  • Chili’s Aeropuerto
  • Terraza Premier Aeroméxico by Heineken
  • La Taba
  • Casa Ávila
  • Gino’s
  • Maison Kayser
  • La Taba Sport
  • Carl’s Jr.
  • El Fogoncito
  • Subway
  • El Globo Aeropuerto Terminal
  • Alfa
  • Mommy’s Cuisine
  • Cinnabon
  • El Farolito
  • Chilim Balam
  • Pastes Kikos
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