Wifi zones

Terminals 1 and 2 of the “Benito Juárez” International Airport currently have free WiFi service, with the capacity to connect up to 8 thousand users simultaneously, without having to enter additional information or the propagation of advertisements during its use. In addition, it has been increased from 20 to 100 Megabits, so the WiFi internet connection in the 13,694 poles of the Command Headquarters has been increased.

The general director of the International Airport, Jesús Rosano García, indicated that the free internet inside both air terminals will help users taking domestic and international flights to find out information about their tickets and upcoming flights.

It is a pleasure to have free internet, being the AICM, one of the largest entities and with more attendance of people who even use it to get extra information.

The WIFI zone has no restrictions

The wireless WiFi network at the International Airport will allow its users to connect without navigation restrictions and the service provision does not create costs to the Government of Mexico, thanks to the fact that it is provided in return for the sponsorship of the positive contracting of telecommunications services.

The WiFi coverage area within the terminals will be called Gratis_CDMX_Aeropuerto, covering the 36 boarding areas, corridors, food court of Terminal 1; as well as the 23 boarding lounges, food court and corridors of Terminal 2; although the Internet has a broadband of 3.5 Mbps for each user.

Users will be able to connect to the network through their electronic devices via WiFi, on poles in different roads that are identified with signs indicating how to connect.

The free WiFi program inside the International Airport “Benito Juarez” destined by the capital’s government, was known since 2020 as one of the 5 priority programs, since this is an entity that has a great influence of passengers daily, and free WiFi connections is a form of gratitude for using this world-renowned entity.

It is a sign of how within the airport the user will find the best services and attention, security and privacy before taking his next flight, it is also favorable if the traveler needs transportation or a place to stay, since the services within the terminals are through online contact.

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