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Mexico’s Benito Juarez Airport (AICM) is recognized nationally and internationally as one of the most competitive, profitable and safe airports in Mexico, due to the high standards of quality, safety and sustainability with which it works, you can take into account some of these frequently asked questions before taking your flight.

COVID Restrictions

So far there are no restrictions for foreign visitors. There are no other related requirements such as health tests or quarantine.

However, all passengers must undergo health checks upon arrival, such as temperature and visual assessment. In certain cases further health tests may be required but this is only for those passengers who present symptoms associated with COVID-19.

There is a laboratory at the airport where flight crew and international passengers can be tested for COVID-19, as it is a travel requirement for some countries.

How to get to the airport?

Metrobus line 4 links the airport and the historic center which are points of interest in the city to reach this travel agency. It has special stops at Terminal 1 which can be directed to Gate 7 and Gate 2 of Terminal 2 and take a shuttle service.


To board the subway, walk from the airport exit along Boulevard Puerto Aereo to Avenida, Capitan Carlos Leon Gonzalez. You will come to the Terminal Aérea station on Metro Link Line 5. The network has twelve lines that run almost the entire city.


Different bus lines link the airport with cities such as:

  1. Cuernavaca
  2. Pachuca
  3. Puebla
  4. Tlaxcala
  5. Toluca
  6. Querétaro
  7. Córdoba
  8. San Juan del Río

This ground transportation is located on the floor of Terminal 1 and in hall D of Terminal 2.

Free Internet access and WiFi

The WiFi service at the Benito Juarez airport is free and unlimited in the boarding lounges, food areas of the T1 and T2 terminals and corridors. It also has an internet network and Emergency WiFi (which is for first aid in case of a catastrophe).

How to move between terminals?

The Benito Juarez airport has two terminals called (T1 and T2) which are available 24 hours a day, located 3 km apart and linked to each other by the free Aerotren (exclusive use for passengers with boarding pass and crew members, who must present documentation and boarding card) also has public buses with a price of MXN$ 16.

Emergency medical services

Benito Juarez airport has emergency medical services distributed in T1 and T2 along with all the necessary tools to provide first aid to passengers, workers and visitors to the airport, also has ambulances for transfer if necessary to different hospitals in the city. The doctor and the nurse on duty are responsible for the attention.

Foreign currency can be exchanged inside the airport

Inside the airport you will find currency exchange counters distributed in both terminals and several of them operate 24 hours a day, as well as banks, ATMs and tax refund agencies for foreign users in MONEY BACK.

What to do if I miss my flight?

It is important to know that if you miss a flight, the circumstances will depend on the flight agency but, as a general rule, if you are solely responsible, you will have to buy another plane ticket, the price of which will depend on the destination. If it was the airline that changed the schedule without informing you, you can ask for a refund, to which the airline will be happy to respond.

Waiting time on connecting flights

As most flights are scheduled, the ideal as a passenger and responsible user is to arrive hours before the flight, taking into account that the waiting time is 2 hours before for domestic trips and 3 hours for international trips.

What services and facilities does the airport offer for disabled passengers?

The Benito Juarez airport has elevators, access ramps, adapted restrooms, pedestrian walkways and adapted public telephones, and offers free transportation in mini-vehicles distributed within the terminals exclusively for the disabled, pregnant women, and senior citizens, among other services. If you need a wheelchair, these must be requested to the airline in advance of the flight. In turn, during the disembarkation or boarding procedure, preferential attention services are offered.

Where to wait for Cabify or Uber?

In terminal 1, it is located at exit 4, and on the first floor of terminal 2, near the exit of gate 2. Although, Uber pick-up locations or EasyTaxi pick-up locations within the AICM airport are subject to change so to find your pick-up location can be verified after requesting a car. The price ranges from MXN$130 to MXN$170.

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